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We believe in supporting and empowering families to create personalized approaches to learning that meet the unique learning styles of their children while valuing flexibility and choice.


Level Up Sports Academy is an accredited home school program serving students in grades K - 8 residing in Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Ventura, and Orange County. Our desire is to promote high academic achievement and develop lifelong learners that will succeed in the world beyond the classroom.

Our approach rests on our belief that parents are the primary educators of their children. We provide them the opportunity to be more actively involved in their child’s education while being given the support they need to accomplish this challenging task. We promote optimum learning for each student by collaborating with parents to create a personalized learning program that meets the needs of each individual student. Parents work closely with a caring California credentialed Homeschool Teacher to select curriculum, educational activities, and enrichment opportunities based on their student’s learning styles and educational level. What makes our school unique is that we offer a blend of digital curriculum along with quality offline curriculum to create a learning experience suited for each student. This combination of parent-selected curriculum and the diverse program offerings that we provide allows parents to design a unique learning program so that their children can reach their fullest potential.

Help is always available through in-person and virtual support. Plus by partnering with Pomona Unified School District, parents will also gain access to an array of educational and social-emotional resources and services that other students across the system are provided.

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  • Chrome Books: Level Up Sports Academy is a 1:1 school, meaning that each student receives a Chrome Book.
  • Planning Amount: All students have access to home delivery of educational and enrichment materials and services from any of our approved vendors using our online ordering system. Requested materials will be delivered to their home free of charge! Services will be provided either in person or through virtual platforms.

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For all your baseball and softball training needs

For all your baseball and softball training needs, reach out to the Cage at Los Alamitos. We look forward to hearing from you!

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For all your baseball and softball training needs, reach out to the Cage at Los Alamitos.


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